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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the BPI Sales Awards?
A:  The BPI is the British Phonographic Industry, they are the industry body that verifies record shipments and awards silver, gold and platinum discs.  The BPI Sales Awards section in UKChartsPlus lists every week which records have been awarded silver, gold, platinum and multi-platinum status in the previous week.
Q: Why do you call it a "newsletter"?  Is it not a magazine?
A: If we said "Magazine", then most people would expect a glossy colourful magazine, with advertisements, news, backgrounders, etc.  The content of such magazines is often influenced by the wishes of the advertisers.  We use the phrase "Newsletter", because we provide factual information for our subscribers, without being controlled by advertisers.  UKChartsPlus contains facts, and facts only.  No ads - Just facts!
Q: Will the Year End charts be published in UKChartsPlus?
A:  No, however, 2001 - 2013 are currently available to view or download at this web site.  Click here for these.
Q: Do you publish any chart books?
A: No, we don't.  There are already three very good books about the UK charts and we don't think that there is a need for a fourth.  Click here for links to the existing books.
Q: Why don't you publish actual sales figures?
A: Unfortunately, The Official UK Charts Company supplies that information only to the industry.  They are not willing to provide that information to UKChartsPlus.
Q: How do I subscribe to UKChartsPlus?
A:  Click here to subscribe on line.
Q: How do I renew my UKChartsPlus subscription?
A:  Please use the PayPal buttons on the "Subscribe" page and your subscription will automatically continue, unless you specify otherwise.  Click here to subscribe on line.
Q: Do you only accept PayPal for purchasing subscriptions and back issues?
A:  No.  If you would rather pay by sending a cheque, please contact us here and request further details.  You can also pay by credit card from by clicking the appropriate PayPal and look for the credit card logos on the bottom left hand side of the page.
Q: Why are there two versions or UKChartsPlus?
A:  The Top 200 Download Singles, Top 100 Download Albums, Top 100 Audio Streaming Singles, The Big Top 40, Vinyl Albums Top 40, Indie Breaker Singles & Albums Top 20s, YTD Singles & Albums Top 100, Radio Airplay Top 200, TV Airplay Top 100, NES Albums and Index aren't required by everyone.  If you would like to receive these charts/features (which is only 48p per week more than an "Express" Annual subscription), then purchase a "Full" subscription, if not purchase an "Express" subscription.  Please check the following table for full details and prices.  Don't forget the "Easy Pay" options available for our Quarterly subscriptions, helping you to spread the cost.
Q: I've purchased an "Express" subscription, but I want a "Full" subscription - can I upgrade?
A:  Yes, you can.  Simply use the upgrade button which matches the duration of your subscription (ie 4 Week, Quarterly or Annual) and you will receive the "Full" issues going back to when you purchased your existing "Express" subscription and remaining issues will be supplied as "Full" issues.  Click here for further details.
Q: I am a subscriber, but I don't appear to have received my copy of UKChartsPlus this week.  What can I do?
A:  We try our best to supply the week's issue on Wednesday evening or during the early hours of Thursday morning, but on rare occasions, we have no option than to move this to Thursday evenings.  During the process of sending, we receive a few "fail to send" messages from the recipient's ISP and will always re-try (although if an e-mail account has reached capacity, our subsequent messages will not get through until unwanted messages have been removed!). 

Sometimes, the PDF will be delivered to your SPAM box in error (outside our control!), so if you've checked this and still have no copy:

From UKChartsPlus 532 (2nd November 2011), we will be updating a page on the web site after the PDFs have been sent, so you know if you've missed yours.  To view the current status, please click here.

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