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UKChartsPlus - The Definitive Newsletter for Chartwatchers

Are you into music?  And do you follow the UK charts?  If you really want to know what is going on in the Official UK Charts, then we have just the newsletter for you: UKChartsPlus.  UKChartsPlus publishes the UK's Official charts in their entirety and remains the only publication with the full top 200 singles and albums charts for the UK.  Every week.

We have formally licensed the official charts from The Official UK Charts Company to bring you the most accurate and in-depth information about what music is currently popular across the UK.

UKChartsPlus is a weekly newsletter, e-mailed to your "in box" as a PDF attachment.

There are TWO versions:  "Express" or "Full".  Subscriptions for the "Express" version start from 12.10 or 14.60 for the "Full" version.  The table below illustrates the charts available in each version:

Chart Express Issue Full Issue
The Official UK Top 200 Singles * + (YES) (YES)
The Official UK Top 200 Albums * + (YES) (YES)
The Official UK Top 50 Compilations * (YES) (YES)
The Official UK Download Singles * Top 50 Top 200
The Official UK Download Top 100 Albums * (NO) (YES)
The Official UK Audio Streaming Singles * Top 50 Top 100
UK Radio Airplay Top 200 # Top 100 Top 200
UK TV Airplay Top 100 # (NO) (YES)
The Big Top 40 $ (NO) (YES)
Rock/Metal Singles Top 40 * (YES) (YES)
Rock/Metal Albums Top 40 * (YES) (YES)
Dance Singles Top 40 * (YES) (YES)
Dance Albums Top 40 * (YES) (YES)
R&B Singles Top 50 * (YES) (YES)
R&B Albums Top 50 * (YES) (YES)
Indie Singles Top 50 * (YES) (YES)
Indie Albums Top 50 * (YES) (YES)
Indie Breakers Singles Top 20 * (NO) (YES)
Indie Breakers Albums Top 20 * (NO) (YES)
Vinyl Albums Top 40 * (NO) (YES)
New BPI Sales Awards (Silver, Gold, Platinum) (YES) (YES)
New Entries Spotlight - Top 200 Singles (YES) (YES)
New Entries Spotlight - Top 100 Albums (NO) (YES)
UKChartsPlus Airplay Awards (5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 and 300,000 plays)# (YES) (YES)
Year To Date Singles Chart * Top 75 Top 100
Year To Date Albums Chart * Top 75 Top 100
UKChartsPlus "Index" (NO) (YES)
Subscription Rates Express Issue Full Issue
4 Weekly Subscription (4 issues) 13.00 17.50
Quarterly Subscription (13 issues) 36.25 43.75
Quarterly Subscription on "Easy Pay" (3 x monthly payments) 12.10 14.60
Annual Subscription (52 issues) 120.00 145.00

+ - Scottish & Welsh Top 75 positions are referenced when they appear on The Official Top 200 Singles & Albums charts

* - The Official UK Charts Company

# - RadioMonitor (Airplay Awards = UKChartsPlus in association with RadioMonitor)

$ - Global Radio

Click here to subscribe on-line.  Click here to view our relaunch issue (w/e 10 July 2010) - to see the "Full" edition.

In total, UKChartsPlus covers a very impressive 1,290 Singles and 890 Albums, that's 2,180 placings EVERY week (in the "Full" edition)!

Alternatively, purchase the current copy for 5.50 or back issue for 5 each and if you purchase a Quarterly or Annual subscription within 14 days, an additional week will be added to your subscription (restricted to one per person).  This offer does NOT apply if purchasing a 4 Weekly subscription.

Copyright 2015 UKChartsPlus

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